Dentrix Ascend, Dental Practices, and the Cloud

Dentrix Ascend has been out for a while, but for those dental practices who have not heard of this software as a service (or SaaS), Dentrix Ascend is a Web-Based, “Worry-Free”, Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software for Dental Offices.

Basically, take Dentrix and stick it in a web browser.

This is a great offering for privately-owned, multi-location dental practices. However, there are a couple of things to consider before jumping onto the cloud-based software bandwagon.

  1. It costs money to switch from one application to another.
  2. Be aware that the subscription cost is per month per user! Check your scalability and growth. Where do you see the practice going? How much growth do you anticipate in the coming years? Does the cloud model work for you? What would you pay over time for the per user/month cost vs. a traditional software?
  3. Can you go without a server? Do you want to? Should you? Servers are more than just an expensive humming box in a closet. We do not recommend you ditch the server in place of everything in the cloud because it takes care of your files, manages your devices, and creates the security of your network.
  4. What does your internet speed look like? This can be nebulous, however if your software is accessed via the internet, the upload and download speeds need to be fast. Check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and see what your speeds are. Also, consider how reliable your ISP has been in the past. You don’t want your employees to be waiting for something to load to continue treatment, do you? Internet speed will be a factor of staff productivity.
  5. Consider the technical requirements for imaging. Do you know how the cloud will work with your existing set up? Make sure this is considered before jumping to the cloud!
  6. Here’s a thought.. Whoever hosts the information, owns it. So if one day, Dentrix Ascend decided to close up shop, or their network was down, how would you access your patient information?

There is a blog post floating around that claims you can skip a server altogether and “save money”. We don’t agree with this sentiment for a multitude of reasons. However, you can create a hybrid network, part cloud based/part locally hosted.

Talk with us to discuss what works best for you and your business.

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