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5 Tips for Network Security in 2017 Part 1

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To recap from our latest I HATE IT Eblast we need you to really consider the security needs of the latest internet threats. We all love the internet to meet our needs for instant information, simplified business operation, increased time savings and real time collaboration. However, we do not spend enough time thinking about the risks.

This is not Staples and there is no easy button to protect you and your network. There is not a single one thing that you can do to protect yourself and your network. Take a layered approach. Here’s our first recommendation.


Normal internet users are reading blogs like this or possibly even security publications. These articles are written in the post impact mode. We are telling you what has happened and how you can prevent it from happening to you. In 2016 Ransomware went up 269%, according to Malware bytes. There is no way we can write prevention material fast enough to keep up with the demand for variations for malware distribution. The Anti-Malware business is a huge market but pales in comparison to what the malware production business is. We spend $3-5 a month per endpoint on anti-virus/malware, however when malware corrupts, we fork over thousands for lost files, downtime, and recovery time. Education is only going to be the first preventive method.

The first education method should be each user in your business to learn the basic principles of internet security. We can recommend some basic reading material on the internet, either written by us or someone else. These can be videos from YouTube or central security publications from

Internal security risks are still the biggest risk to any network. Users should understand what emails from a Saudi Prince promising one million dollars really mean. Users should understand the risks of surfing non-business related sites.

In addition to training the new employees on internet security, we recommend you have continuing education for your entire business. Businesses work to be productive, efficient, and profitable. Scheduling training for Internet Security is not part of these key components, however if we stop to consider the costs of malware infections, we are helping increase efficiency if we simply train users on smart internet usage.

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