Wi-Fi Strength and Security and Why It Matters

Alright, so you have a Wi-Fi network for your office. Wonderful. Depending on how your network is set up and how many mobile devices are being used, the network strength throughout the office could be sufficient, or it might be weak in some areas of the office.

Sometimes, the overall structure and layout of an office can impede the Wi-Fi signal coming from the server closet. This can cause your mobile devices to slow down or altogether stop working. A glitchy tablet = inconsistent work by the employee holding the device. How much is that costing you?

One way to improve the wireless signal across an office is to add a wireless access point or WAP.

This is a simple fix with a simple, yet profound, benefit. The seconds matter during the 9-5 grind.

A dedicated Wi-Fi network for your clients is a unique way to grow your business.

To begin, we first need to establish a best practice rule –never give away the business Wi-Fi password or access to the business Wi-Fi network. This is a security vulnerability and if in the wrong hands, your proprietary business data could be compromised. Only employees on company devices should have access to the business Wi-Fi network.

You can create a public Wi-Fi network specifically for your clients to use. This is especially helpful for any business with a waiting room full of clients. This public Wi-Fi separates the public traffic from your network, which protects the business.

We have a product offering called Social Media Wi-Fi that may be just the answer to the quandary above. What this does is it gives your clients access to the public Wi-Fi setting after they have “checked in” to your location on Facebook. More check-ins on Facebook = More Visibility for Your Business = Growth.

If you are curious on how you can improve the strength and security of your Wi-Fi network as well as grow your Facebook audience- call us!

We are here to help.

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