Success Stories: Disaster Recovery

We know we can’t control the weather. What happens if lightning strikes your business and fries your network? That’s what happened to a dental practice in Greensboro, NC.

During a severe thunderstorm, lightning struck the office building which caused a power surge. Our client’s network was fried. 5 workstations, a network switch, and 4 TVs were damaged. Our techs were able to assess the client’s network remotely and pull a loaner switch for the Client’s network. A tech was dispatched onsite to install the loaner switch and stock workstations to get their network up and running.

If IRIS Solutions had not been involved, the business would have been down until someone else was able to go onsite and diagnose the problem. It would have taken additional time for the switch and additional workstations to be ordered, configured, and installed. Even after that, additional time would be involved to reconfigure the network from scratch.

The office could have been out of business for weeks.

Thankfully, the client had a relationship with IRIS and we had the client up and running within 1 business day. We have standard operating procedures for replacing devices and recovering data for business continuity for these exact situations.

Takeaway: Talk about and prepare for all of the possibilities. Good and Bad.

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