7 Ways to Improve Your Online Security and Protect Your Business

This blog should be written 6 times a year. The landscape of security is always changing, and we have to stay in front of this. Here are some items to put on your IT Budget for 2016.

  1. Password Management – We need secure passwords not just Password1 or 123456. Setup the best practice of securing your passwords without keeping these in a rolodex on your desk.
  2. Content Control – The internet can help us with so many things inside of our business from on-demand information to correspondence to leisure time activities. However, we need to control the content. We must accept that the internet is available for free but paid for by advertisers. Restrict web surfing to what is necessary, not what is wanted or delivered to you.
  3. Anti-Malware – Malware is the latest term that helps combine many different programs that prevent malicious software. Anti-Virus is not enough. The need for an application to prevent file changes, detect traffic patterns and stop infections is necessary. Don’t assume a free anti-virus program will do it, because it will not.
  4. Updates – Everyone gets tired of hitting the Microsoft button to restart after updates. DO IT. It is important but not even these updates will be enough. Update all your third party applications. Java is a single programming language that helps build on many of today’s programming languages and web pages. If you think why update this, realize that having this outdated can compromise a computer faster than a virus or spyware.
  5. Ransomware – Anti-Virus can help but not prevent ransomware. Take an aggressive approach. Assume that you or your staff will get this on your corporate network. Get good backups in place now and trust your IT vendor to know how to recover your data in case something happens.
  6. Email Security – Encrypt important email information. Don’t send this over a clear wire.
  7. User Restrictions – I am sure it is nice to have your laptop from work at home. I am sure you think it is good to download the latest games for your kids or give them your IPAD to play games. Don’t do it. Keep business separate. Employ tight Mobile Device Management. Any mobile device with confidential data available puts your business at risk.

Act Now

I can list the excuses…

  • I got busy and forgot.
  • We did not have the budget for this.
  • I kept trying to get back to that email, but I did not think it was that important.
  • I will not need this level of security, this type of thing only happens to Fortune 500
  • Who would come after my business, I don’t have anything confidential.

All of these thoughts lead to one thing. Loss of Revenue.

If you are in business to give away revenue and profits to internet hackers, then you should do nothing. Otherwise, contact IRIS Solutions and let us give you a plan to protect your business.

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